Myth: Email Marketing Does Not Work!

Article by Ted Dhanik.
One of the biggest myths in online marketing is that email marketing does not work!
Email marketing is similar to any form of advertising. It may or it may not work and the only way you would know is by doing some testing. There are many factors that go into email marketing that would make a difference in success or failure. If the following criteria are followed, chances of success will rise:

– Find a good list provider. Do not go with small unknown providers, unless the price is cheap and you are willing to risk it.

– Always ask the provider to give you small test before you commit big.

– The subject line is very important. You can try several different subject lines on a small scale and track conversion and then use the best one going forward
– Conversion tracking is important. Make sure you use conversion tracking tools or an email marketing company that provides such tools

– Avoid using words that are too commercial or spammy, which might get your email in the spam folders
– Know your audience demographics and buy lists that target your audience
About the Author:
Ted Dhanik is the CEO and cofounder of Engage:BDR, a Media Advertising company that offers cross-device video and display advertising solutions.