EDI for the retail industry

Larger retailers are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and drive more efficiency in such a way that they efficiently process business documents to and from their supply chain. One of the key initiatives has been the implementation of the electronic transfer of business documents and EDI mapping using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards to and from their supply chain partners.

The larger retailers are gaining a significant cost advantage by reducing their processing cost for their supply chain. As larger retailers seek to increase their market share, they can reduce their cost of doing business which ultimately increases their advantages over their smaller retail competitors.

Vendors focus on the needs specific to the retail industry. We can get updates within hours. Every EDI transaction component is carefully analyzed, which helps us in saving clients’ money.

The EDI transactions are sent directly to servers from your suppliers. You can then see them in a specially built application, which is designed to be friendly and easy to use by anyone.

Your EDI provider acts as a bridge between the retailer, and their suppliers or other business partners, by taking care of their outgoing EDI transactions and sending incoming EDI transactions back to you. You can even send and receive these EDI transactions over the web. We process everything on our servers and leave you to use the documents in your business just like any other document.