Big Problem with Online Reputation for Female Celebrities

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The recent release of McAfee’s list of Most Dangerous Celebrities to Search for Online has served to highlight the big problems women celebrities face when it comes to protecting their online reputations. Cyber-criminals highjack their names to create a ruse for dangerous Web sites — ones plagued with malware and other unsavory surprises.


In the 2012 edition of the list, actress Emma Watson came out on top. Watson, who currently has a movie to promote, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” cannot be too thrilled about the news. No celebrity wants his or her fans to land on a risky site because they showed interest in them. Unfortunately for women performers, cyber-criminals find it more profitable to use the identities of women personalities.

How Celebrities Can Improve their Online Reputation:

  • Create sites that include your name in the domain — — with content that is different so that duplicate content filters do not hamper your efforts
  • Be active on social media –Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, you name it.  (Note, our sister company iClimber offers mass social profile creation services.)
  • Work with an online reputation management company that can develop and manage your content
  • Being diligent about the points above can help push down negative results when people search for your name